Campaign Rules

Ability Scores

A character’s Wisdom modifier affects all saves (vice only those versus spells).

A character’s Dexterity modifier increases his bonus on throws to perform acrobatics, open locks, pick pockets, find traps, remove traps, hide in shadows, move silently, or climb walls (per Axioms VI).

On gaining any level after the first, all characters (player and non-player) have an opportunity to change one ability score. The player should then roll 3d6 and compare the result against the identified score. If the roll is greater than the ability score’s current value, the ability score is improved by one. If the roll is six or more less than current value, the ability score is reduced by one.

Adventurer Creation

Rules.png See the Adventurer Creation sub-section for information on creating adventurers for the Lights in the Darkness campaign.


See the Classes sub-section for a listing of available character classes in Lights in the Darkness as well as campaign-specific changes and clarifications.


In lieu of movement, a character may elect to fight defensively. While fighting defensively, the character may still make attacks at a -2 penalty to attack throws but gains a +2 to AC until his next action.

It requires a move action to reload crossbows and arbalests (per Axioms VI).

Characters with d6 HD add +2 to their 1d20 roll on the Mortal Wounds table, while adventurers with d8 HD add +4. However, the penalties for negative hit points are more severe. The Mortal Wounds throw is modified by +5 if hit points are exactly 0; -2 if hit points are at a negative value from ¼ to ½ max hit points; -5 if hit points are at a negative value of ½ max hit points to maximum hit points; -10 if hp are at a negative value of maximum hit points to twice max hp; and an additional -5 for each maximum-hit point interval thereafter.

When a character succeeds at a disarm, force back, knock down, or sunder special maneuver, the character may choose to apply normal damage to the attack.

Experience Points

Rather than tracking bonus experience points from high prerequisite ability scores per event, bonus experience points are awarded at character generation and immediately after leveling.

For example, a fighter with Strength 13 would begin play with 100 XP. During play, when XP is awarded, the fighter would not gain bonus experience. However, as soon as the fighter reached Level 2, he would receive an additional 100 XP.

Fate Points

Player characters may now earn Fate Points (per the Heroic Fantasy Handbook) for writing campaign journal entries. No more than one journal entry may be written per session. Where a session’s activities do not naturally lend themselves to chronicling, a player may write short, campaign-related fiction or generate products in support of the Lights in the Darkness campaign.


See the Henchmen sub-section for information regarding henchmen in the Lights in the Darkness campaign.


Lay on Hands provides a bonus on the Mortal Wounds table equal to 2/3 of the level of the hero using the ability.

Sanitary conditions are not possible in the wild or in dungeons. Bed rest requires sanitary conditions.

Hit Points

Player characters have maximum hit points at first level. For subsequent levels, the player should roll all hit dice keeping either the new value or the old value plus one, whichever is higher. Note that this system is not used for non-player characters, including henchmen.


See the Magic sub-section for information regarding magic — both arcane and divine — in the Mornlands.


Proficiencies may be retrained according to the rules found in Axioms VI.

See the Proficiencies sub-section for information regarding proficiencies in the Lights in the Darkness campaign.


Thief skills use the rules found in the Heroic Fantasy Handbook.

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Campaign Rules

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