Magic Items


Fox Amulet – This blue gold amulet is fashioned in the shape of a fox. In addition to providing immunity to magical sleep, it also grants its wearer a +1 to surprise rolls.

Wolf Bracer – This silver bracer bears the device of two wolf heads connected at the backs of their necks. It functions as a Ring of Protection +1, but the wearer must eat red meat during the full moon or suffer penalties.

Rods, Staffs, & Wands


Rod of Chains – A rod that enables the wielder to control skeletons and zombies as a first level chaotic cleric. [SOLD.]


Scroll of Many Spells – This wondrous scroll bears a random spell determined by rolling a d6 and a d24. For the former die, 1-3 indicates the spell is Level 1, 4-5 indicates the spell is Level 2, and 6 indicates the spell is Level 3. The latter die determines the specific die using the tables in the ACKS Players Companion. After this spell is cast, a new random spell appears twenty-four hours later. If an arcane caster attempts to scribe the spell, it is lost and the attempt fails, although a new random spell, determined normally, appears twenty-four hours later.


Axe of Bigarm – This bearded battle axe is crafted from a single piece of light teal metal. Crackling blue-white energy crackles up the axe head. Normally functioning as a +1 weapon, the weapon’s energy discharges on a natural attack throw of 20. In this case, it inflicts an additional d6 damage, but also causes 1 point of damage to the wielder.

Long Knife – Silvered, single-edged long knife with an ivory hilt in which is set an opal. (as short sword, +2 to hit, no modifier to damage)

Raven’s Claw – A bearded axe, the blade of which is etched with Brimman runes of victory surrounding a stylized raven. (as hand-axe, +1 to hit and damage, grants the wielder Combat Trickery: Disarm, stackable)

Armor and Clothing

Armor of the Eagle – Bone scale armor enameled to resemble the plumage of a brown and beige-toned bird of prey. (as scale armor, +3 to defense, grants the wearer to enter the ethereal plane for 1d4 + 4 turns once per week; activation method unknown)

Ember Plate – A black plate armor with fiery glowing engravings of unknown origin. (emits light in a 5-foot radius and grants +1 to Armor Class)

Gauntlets of the Panther – Gloves of panther-skin reinforced with bands of flexible sky metal on the knuckles and along each finger and cat leather on the palms and finger tips. (+1 to hit with missile weapons, +2 to Open Locks, +2 to Pick Pockets, and +2 to throws involving proficiencies and other skills dependent on manual dexterity.)

Magic Items

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