Spell Signatures

Normally, the cosmetic aspects of spell signatures are unique to individual casters based on their personality, field of study, and religious affiliation. In Lights in the Darkness, the sensory components of spell signatures are associated with the specific patrimony of a given spell.

During adventurer creation, players may choose how a particular spell manifests for a given arcane spell caster. Arcane spells researched in the course of play, however, have manifestations determined by the Judge. In contrast, spell signatures for divine spell casters depend almost wholly on the deity or supernatural entity they worship.

Note that in game terms, these changes do not affect the mechanical usage of the Collegiate Wizard or Theology proficiencies.

Spell Books and Spell Repertoires

Spell books and repertoires are governed by the rules found in Axioms VI.


See the Arcane Spells sub-section for additional spells available to arcane spell casters.

Similarly, see the Divine Spells sub-section for additional spells available to divine spell casters.

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