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  • Honored Dead

    *Kenric* - Geatish sellsword in Zephyros' employ; _slain_ by traps in the Sunken City's Arena. *Tibalt* - unbalanced Dreaman warden; _retired_ after his first foray into the Sunken City. *Maurice "the Muscle" de Granville of Weanople* - Dreaman …

  • Urien

    A frail but earnest young man from Carlton. Highly competent at carrying a torch and other miscellaneous adventuring gear. Slain in the lair of Frog Cultists when his spine was broken by a giant constrictor snake with the head of a fanged toad.

  • Maurice de Granville of Weanople

    Maurice was the fourth son of a Dreaman knight in service to the lord of Weanomps. As the fourth son, he had little right of inheritance, and so he set off to make his own way in the world by the not inconsiderable strength of his sword arm. Maurice …