Lights in the Darkness

Chronicles of Zephyros - Chapter 5

Cultists on the Run

The minor globe of invulnerability that Orhan cast was fading just as the last of the cultist strongmen including the cultist that took a gaseous form and the shadow being fled through a concealed wicker door to the South of the beachhead. Osric rallied the men on the beach to pursue them, this included Zelik, Ansger, Orhan, Altan, and several summoned Bremen. I stayed behind with a couple of the Bremen warriors I summoned to organize the remainder of the company that was on the other side of the lake, the first half of which were just boarding the two boats.

One of the men who aiding the cultists was in the process of recovering from the mind control he had been under. He introduced himself as Haakon, a Bremen warrior. He quickly gathered up his belongings, donned his armor and headed after the group in pursuit of the Cultists. The first of the boats landed on the shore including Xenocrates, Athelwine, Lady Ostrid and several others. As we sent the boats back empty for the remainder of the company, I directed the summoned Bremen warriors to pursue the vanguard and aid them. I began to doubt the wisdom of the decision to split up and I hoped my friends would not fall victim to one of the Frogmen’s Traps.

As the second half of the company boarded the boats and started making their way over. The rest of us secured our position on the beach, made flame for our lanterns and surveyed the battlefield. I thought to myself, “What should we do? Attempt to pursue and risk getting lost or separated in the labyrinth? Should we gather the loot, after all that was the reason many of us were here?”

My thoughts were broken by Henryk disembarking one of the boats, he exclaimed, “There were at least two of them buggers on the other side Zephyros. They threw a dam snakelike creature at me! The darn thing latched onto my leg! I hate snakes!”

I smiled at him and said, “That makes two of us, I’m glad you’re alright friend and thanks for keeping the rear guard. Now let’s form a line while the others gather the loot left behind by the cultists.” I muttered under my breath, “If we make it out of here we may as well have something to show for it.” I looked around, “Dudda, where are you?”

“Here I am boss!” he said with a smile as he emerged from the shadows, “what do you need?”

“I’ve got a little job for you,” I whispered as he drew closer.



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