Osric of Mandeville

Warden, witch hunter, cultist slayer



Name: Osric of Mandeville
Class: Warden
Title: Acolyte
Alignment: Lawful+
Origin: Dreaman

Language: Geatish

Re-rolls: 1 After session 43
Bonus XP for Henchmen left: 10200-3000Hanael

XP: 19894
Level1: 75XP
Down the well: 539 XP
Standing Stone: 119XP
After the angry door: 51XP
Boat Boat Boat: 381XP
Loot spring sale in Hewflore:778XP
Level2: 150XP
Four-Armed giants: 75XP
Ruins,Toads and Ratmen: 105XP
Widdigmen 101: 150XP
The End of Strongarm: 101XP
Mopping up the Widdiglair: 48 XP
Back to Hewflore with Loot!: 2,270 XP
Level3: 300XP
The Frogcult of Taygles End: 1197
Level4: 600XP
Boy in the Frog Dungeon203XP
Destroying the sinkhole and looting:4676
Night pirates: 51xp
Loot sale: 1475xp+215xp+215xp+860xp+366+538
Horn Sale: 2000
Terror under St. Tibba: 76
Raiding Red Wincing: 1283

Hit Points: 27
AC: 11 (black plate + 1,shield + 1 and bracer)
Initiative +1

STR: 14
DEX: 13
CON: 14
INT: 9
WIS: 13
CHA: 11


Universal abilities:
Open doors; 14+
Detect secret doors; 18+
Hear noise; 17+
Find traps; 18+

Class abilities:
Turn skeleton; T
Turn Zombie; T
Turn Ghoul; 4+
Turn Wight; 7+
Turn Wraith; 10+
Turn Mummy; 13+
Turn Spectre; 16+
Turn Vampire; 19+
Turn Infernal;

Level 1: 2x Per day:

  • Command Word enc
  • Cure Light Wounds*
  • Detect Evil*
  • Detect Magic
  • Light*
  • Protection from Evil*
  • Purify Food and Water
  • Remove Fear*
  • Resist Cold elm(water)
  • Sanctuary
    Level 2: 2x Per day:
  • Augury
  • Bless*
  • Delay Poison
  • Find Traps
  • Hold Person enc
  • Resist Fire elm(fire)
  • Righteous Wrath
  • Silence 15’ radius
  • Speak with Animals
  • Spiritual Weapon

Saves (Bracer):
Petrif. &Paralysis 9+
Poison &Death 6+
Blast &Breath 12+
Staffs &Wands 8+
Spells 10+

Major equipment: 6 + 3 / 6
Armor, plate, enameled like charcoal with orange tracings that make out the shape of flames (wondrous; sheds dim orange flames; protection)
Shield + 1 (floats on water)
Masterwork Warhammer (+ 1toHit)
Holy symbol
Potion of Healing (vial, iron, large dull; contents are black with silver sparkles, unnaturally cold to touch, and smell faintly of charcoal; 2/3 full)
Wolfhead Bracer
Alfarn Boots

Other equipment:3/6
Priest’s cassock
Holy book (The Laws of the Maker)
Long hooded cloak
Leather gloves

Stored in the monastery:
Steel shield
2 holy water
Plate armor
Oil of Sharpness
Philter of Love
Plate Armor
1 weeks of Iron rations
War Hammer

Misc. Items:
Silvery disc of unknown provenance or purpose (no enc.)

7 days of iron rations.

Daily: 18 miles

Masterwork Warhammer(toHit) 6+ / D6+1


= 589.51
+ Gem, topaz 400 + gem, garnet 350
+ 357 gold + 237silver + 6 copper- 32gold equipment- 40canoes
After cult rollup:
= 1861.57 – 518gpwages- 127tithe- 100living expenses=1116.57
+ 1475+ 215+ 215+ 860+ 366+ 538
- 150hiring bonus- 367- 6- 50masterworkWarhammer- 30masterworkSpear- 3(2slings)
= 4179.57
- 330Infrastructure – 570liturgy- 900AltarsnGraveyard- 610.5- 610.5- 190liturgy
=968.57+ 1170.5(red wincing)

Ecclesiastical tithe payed:
Froxhall: 152
Destroyed study of Saint Tibba in Hewflore (Statue of St. Magos): 2500+500(repair fund)
Magonines friary in Hewflore: 243

Godric 25gp
Emyr 25gp
Boguslaw 25gp
Eoforwine 12.5gp
Hanael 100gp


18 heavy infantry (Type C) 18*12=216
8 crossbowmen 8*15=120
1 armorer 1*50=50
1 quartermaster 1*25=25
1 siege engineer 1*50
2 domestics 2*6=12

Wages: 75+473=660.5gp – 50 Taygle discount




  1. Ensure the stability of Taygle’s End and surrounding lands.
  2. Embark on a pilgrimage to the Brothers Battle to learn from them.
  3. Learn more about the power structure of the Mournlands to see if there are still rulers who have a firm believe in the Maker.
  4. Hire more Mercenaries
  5. Investigate the Great Grave and surrounding lands to find out what causes the growing corruption.
    # Kill the traitorous pirate Taeting.


  • 10% of all his earning have to go to the church as tithe. No exceptions.
  • Heretics, cults and covens have to be eradicated by any means necessary. No exceptions.
  • The laws of the land have to be honored but no mortal law can stand above the laws of the maker. His judgement rules supreme.

Osric of Mandeville

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