Lights in the Darkness

The Tychite Monastery

Sessions 22 to 24

Osric finds a moment to pen a few words into his journal while Zephyros still discusses matters with Lady Osthryds household guards. “The Lady seems to be missing for quite a while now too and where much friendlier this time, probably also more desperate as they seem to know about the cult. Still, its a bit suspicious that they didn’t allow us to inspect all of their remaining soldiers…
The study didn’t hold any clues to where we could find our missing brethren and the lady but we found another statue of this foul frog abomination hidden away like a cowardly thief in a small side room of Cowalls abode. No religious texts could be found anywhere but we found a book with weird scribbling in it that makes ones head hurt.
There still seem to be some of the possessed in the town but they keep still for now after we clobbered their leaders and fellow cultists. The rest of the residents don’t seem to be too friendly either but I think not all hope is lost for this place. With a strong guidance and hard work this community could very well become a beacon of hope in this vile swamp. We will visit the monastery next and by the Maker, lets hope we find some holy water there.”

After massaging his bruised shoulder Osric continues his entry:
“More cultists was all that awaited us in the monastery.
At first everything seemed abandoned just recently as we made our way through the outbuildings. We found more of these mad scribbling in the study and copy rooms, the cult must have been busy here for a while it seems. We then were forced to scale the walls to gain access to the main building as the remaining cultists dared to show their face. Despite our disadvantaged position we managed to drive them back and get onto the roof without any loss. Climbing down into the cultist held garden seemed unwise so we bashed a hole into the roof to enter.
This was where the remaining cultists decided to press an attack and it was some righteous slaughter as we had to stand on the fallen to fight the crazed followers of the frog daemon! Most of them were ill equipped so we only sustained some bloody bruises while they were vanquished and hunted down to the last man.
We have not seen any traces of the monks so we have to search this whole place thoroughly for any clues.”

“We finally cleansed the monastery but this place opens up more questions then it does solve.”
Osric takes a deep breath while gazing into a candle flame thinking about what happened in the hours prior.
The monastery turned up more of these vile books and statues but no hints to the missing wardens, rulers or monks. After a long search a secret tunnel was found that wasn’t very deep but very long with many dug out rooms to each side. Some reminded him of animal pens and others were like empty storage rooms but there also was a grizzly hall full of tables with corpses. It must have been some sort of laboratory as many corpses showed signs of experimentation and amputations. The dead also decided to rise to nobody’s surprise but the resulting battle was a bloody affair.
The undead surrounded the group quicker then holy symbols could drive them back forcing the whole group to retreat and spike the doors after Osric held them off as long as he could. A counter attack was prepared and many a berserkers were called back from the other side to aid. Again the undead proved to be more then a match and only the clever use of an old scroll and the Makers holy might saved the day from becoming an utter disaster. Only Eirik the Axiomar suffered a grievous wound as one of the zombies torn his hand to shreds.
“I slowly wonder if these monks are not the ones to blame for this whole mess. I suspect that these books were used to convert or at least influence the people studying here before they were shipped off to the caves. The escape tunnel coupled with the experimentation chamber also makes one think. Was it a route to get out of the monastery in case of an emergency or was it to secretly enter without anyone else noticing? Who or what else was living down there?”


Will add more details in the coming days.

The Tychite Monastery

Clever use of undead controlling items… The Hounds of Magon will do well to watch you!

The Tychite Monastery

Added a few details about the guards and Eirik

The Tychite Monastery

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