Lights in the Darkness

From Hewflore to Taygle's End

Session 18

After a long break Osric picks up his journal again, flips to a fresh page and starts writing down:
Yric mentioned that two brothers who were investigating Taygles End have vanished. I bet this fake teacher there is responsible. We will put an end to that!
I visited the local Magonine friary today. I am surprised how young elder Bede is and wonder what deeds he done in the Makers name to already lead a friary at his age. We talked briefly and he was rather reserved but one of his position probably ends up with many hidden adversaries so I won’t hold that against him. It seems the death cult Fraegr mentioned is worshipping the daemon called “Orcus”, this swamp truly is a hive of scum and devilry!
I paid the sculptor a visit as well to see how the statue for the Study of Saint Tibba is progressing and instructed them to work on a few features some more. Saint Magos needs to looks as impressive as his deeds.

Osric continues writes into his journal while crossing the lake:
We departed from Hewflore to find evidence of the frog cult in Taygle’s End. With my mercenaries I doubt we will encounter any problems with the local lord. I have to admit that I look forward to hunt cultists again and cleaning out this rotten village will be a great first step to bring the Makers judgement into this foul swamp.
I should not forget to also find a chance to get more information about that Orcus cult. Maybe Colbert knows something? Maybe we can Visit Froxhall without resting there for a night, the prices they charge there should be considered robbery! I will better check up on Fraegr once we are back in Hewflore too, I haven’t seen him since he was with Zephyros and Xenocrates when we came back from our last expedition. I think he might know more about the cult.



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