In Lights in the Darkness, the Venturer has only a passing resemblance to the class found in the ACKS Player’s Companion.

Prime Requisite: STR and CHA
Requirements: None
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: 14

Venturers are skilled combatants and advance in attack throws and saving throws by two points every three levels of experience (i.e. the same as fighters). Venturers also increase their base damage rolls from successful melee and missile attacks by +1 at 1st level and by an additional +1 at 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th level. Trained in fighting with all weapons, Venturers may fight wielding a weapon and shield or a two-handed weapon, as desired, but they cannot fight with a weapon in each hand. Also unlike fighters, Venturers cannot wear armor heavier than chain.

Venturers begin their careers with the following abilities:
- They Avoid Getting Lost as Explorers.
- Understanding that unintended insults are bad for business, Venturers are attuned to the nuances of Diplomacy and Protocol (equivalent to Diplomacy proficiency).
- Every Venturer is an Expert Bargainer (equivalent to the Bargaining proficiency).
- Venturers are skilled at Gift-giving (equivalent to Briber proficiency) in order to expand and deepen their influence.

Of course, Venturers become more skilled at mercantile endeavors with experience:
- From 5th level onward, a Venturer will have little trouble establishing a Mercantile Network in any market he spends at least one month closely studying. Such a network of merchants, contacts, fences, and peddlers allows a Venturer buy and sell equipment, hire retainers, and conduct other mercantile endeavors as if the market were one market class larger than its actual size.
- By 9th level, Venturers have learned how to conduct Trade in Any Language. In practical terms, this allows a Venturer to conduct basic negotiations with almost any intelligent creature regardless of normal language barriers.


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