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Adventures in the Mornlands: an Adventurer Conqueror King System campaign for 4 to 8 players

Guidelines, Themes, and Tone:
- Think weird fantasy rather than high fantasy. Magic items are uncommon and special. Most folk have no magical talent. Save for clergy, wielders of supernatural power are viewed with suspicion.
- Civilization is in peril. Over the past forty years, the civilized peoples have suffered a series of grave setbacks. Between political disunity, a clash of cultures, heresy, secret societies dedicated to greed and various chthonic forces, and growing external pressures, the future is grim. It will take heroes to arrest the approach of Chaos.
- The world is old. The landscape is dotted with the ruins and artefacts of nations, peoples, and ages past, some long forgotten and others remembered only in legends and rumor.
- Heroes, if not strictly dedicated to stemming the tide of Chaos, do not give it succor or hinder the efforts of those who seek to fight it. Heroes are rare. Abilities, talents, and gifts do not define heroes. Rather, a hero is defined by a spirit of adventure, an uncontrollable desire to seek confront the Darkness and the courage to do it. Heroes are not murder hobos; although they may talk the talk, they never walk the walk.
- There are no special snowflakes. Adventurers may be destined for greatness, but this is established in the course of play. What makes a hero special is not his or her backstory (if there is one), but the combination of wits and excellent fortune that allows him or her to survive adventures.
- Role-playing arises from interesting encounters during adventures, not from carousing in taverns or haggling with merchants. Role-playing should advance character and party goals and drive the campaign forward.
- The world is a sandbox with a mix of hex crawling, dungeon delving, and political scheming. Heroes can easily find themselves in the deep end of the pool if careless.
- Success depends on a mix of luck, negotiation, and wits. Most experience is earned from treasure. Adventurers can earn experience by convincing potential adversaries not to fight. Adventurers who attempt to overcome every challenge by force of arms will not survive long.

Campaign Rules:
- No Chaotic adventurers. See above regarding heroes.
- Characters are generated using the optional rule “Generating Multiple Characters” on page 16.
- Available classes are drawn from the ACKS rulebook and the Player’s Companion. Not all classes are available.
- Races and classes have world-specific backgrounds and names but are mechanically identical to their equivalents in the published rules.
- We will eventually use the domain management and mass combat rules detailed in the ACKS rulebook and Domains at War expansion.

- Maturity. We want mature players who see the game as a cooperative social exercise focused on having fun.
- Minimum technical capability. Players should be able to fully participate in voice chat (no video) and access Roll20, Obsidian Portal, and Google+ Hangouts.
- Presence. We play approximately twice every month on Saturdays. Normally, one session will be at 1600 Central European Time / 1000 EST / 0700 Pacific Standard Time, and the other will be at 2000 CET / 1400 EST / 1100 PST. Players do not need to make every session, but they do need to advise me when they will be absent. Players also need to check the Obsidian Portal page at least once a week to stay on top of session coordination.

Not Seeking:
- Drama. Part of what brings everyone back is our ability to get along. Individuals who upset that balance are not welcome.
- Rules lawyers. Our return to the old school renaissance was a relatively recent event. We would much prefer others seeking the old-school experience without the grognard baggage.

Recruiting Post

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