All mercenaries have the following equipment: military
tunic, cloak, pair of sandals, backpack, laborer’s tools, 4 stakes
and mallet, mess kit, small tent, 2 wool blankets, and waterskin.
Cavalry mercenaries will also have saddle, bridle, 2 saddlebags,
and grooming kit. Missile-armed mercenaries will have 20
rounds of ammunition.

19 heavy infantry (Type C)
Wages: 12gp * 19 =228gp

6 crossbowmen
Wages: 15gp * 6 = 90

1 armorer
Wages: 50gp

1 quartermaster
Wages: 25gp

1 siege engineer
Wages: 50gp

2 domestics
Wages: 6gp *2 = 12

Mercenary wages=455gp

Construction rate=29*1sp = 2.9 gp pro tag

Palisade, wood (10’ high, 100’ long, 1” thick) 125gp
Siege Ladder 1sp/10’

Palisade: A fence made of wooden stakes or tree trunks.
Palisades are commonly built around army encampments to
provide security. They are also used to circumvallate (encircle)
besieged strongholds to prevent traffic in or out. The standard
palisade is 10’ high, 100’ long, and 1” thick. A 100’ palisade can
be defended by 1 unit. For palisades with variant dimensions,
adjust price and shp proportionately.
Siege Ladder: A ladder used by assaulting troops to scale a
stronghold’s walls or ramparts, an act known as escalade. Most
siege ladders are simply long pieces of timber with crosspieces
set upon them. Creatures may move up siege ladders at ¼ their
normal movement rate. A creature defending the walls can push
a siege ladder away with a successful proficiency throw to open
doors. Each man-sized creature on the ladder imposes a -1
penalty to the proficiency throw.


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