Makerite Theology

Topics in this section will be presented thematically with key tenets of the Makerite faith followed by a discussion of each tenet’s significance as well as associated heresies.

The soul is immortal.


This key tenet of the Makerite faith leads to the critical conclusion that existence does not cease with the death of one’s physical body. Amongst orthodox Makerites, preparation for the hereafter consists of both rituals and deeds. While orthodox theologians regularly debate the minimum requirements for a soul’s proper disposition, all agree that the Maker expects his followers to strive for sanctity. Similarly, while theologians agree that the process of sanctification continues in death, the nature of that process remains a matter of conjecture. Finally, the sanctified continue to participate in the Maker’s creation following the death of their material bodies.

The Maker freely created the universe and all things within it out of nothing.

Discussion: No material thing is inherently evil.

The Maker endowed the amyndors, Men, and certain other beings with free will.

Makerite Theology

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