This list is not comprehensive.

Geatish is the common tongue for most who live in the Mornlands. Of the civilized peoples, only the Weallacks speak a different language in their day-to-day dealings.

The language of conquerors, Dreaman is used only by the nobility of a few states. Even most Dreamans speak Geatish and have little knowledge of the language spoken by their forefathers in the Lost Lands.

Long ago, Ellasene was spoken by learned men and merchants throughout the civilized world. Today, knowledge of Ellasene is largely restricted to merchants and scholars.

The Weallack language is the common tongue spoken in Weallack territories.

Although colored by many local variations, the Beastman tongue is spoken in some form by many of the Beastman peoples.

By tradition, Dreamans maintain their records in Numian, the language of ancient Numia. Today, scholars and jurists must know this tongue.

Similarly, the Church maintains its records in Katharevousa, the tongue spoken by the ancient Ellasenses.

Lissan is the native tongue of the Baruchite people, spoken in their homes and houses of worship. Many of the most ancient writings of the Church of the Maker were written originally in Lissan.

Kobalos is the Goblin tongue.


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