Basic Information

Located at the confluence of the Rivers Hellfor and Issen, Hewflore is the largest settlement in the Ghost Marches. Chiefly notable for its role in trade between the Alfarn Hegemony and the lands of Men, Hewflore also serves as an important market hub for trade upriver and the network of small Mannish and Dwergar settlements in the Alfrith. Hewflore is the capital of Dwimores and the seat of the eponymous metropolia.

Population – 1350 families
Market – Type IV+

People of Interest

Drogo, Marcher Lord of the West, Lord of Dwimores and Hewflore
Warren, Metropolitan of Hewflore

Argyros – a sage and mage of some competence interested in ancient history and magical curiosities
Bede – the “warden major” of the local Magonine friary
Ralf d’Arcy – the teacher of St. Tibba’s Study
Yric – an elderly clerk in the administration of the Metropolia of Hewflore

Points of Interest

The Axe and Swan
The Hall of the Sword and Groat
House of the Maker
Study of Saint Tibba

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