Henchman Pay and Number

Lights in the Darkness now uses the ACKS rules as written to calculate maximum number of allowed henchmen as well as determine appropriate terms of compensation. As an additional clarification, henchman pay comes from the company’s total haul for an adventure not just the take of the hero the henchman serves.

Henchman Experience

Henchmen earn half shares of experience for combat. From income, henchmen gain one experience point for every gold piece earned above their base pay. Note that this is less than the amount stipulated in the ACKS rules. In this system, heroes will earn somewhat more xp than normal while henchmen will earn considerably less.

Example: The company, comprised of four heroes and two henchmen earns 1,000 xp for combat and 4,000 xp for treasure. Each hero would earn 200 xp for combat and 930 gp/xp for treasure, while each henchman would earn 100 xp for combat and 140 gp/xp for treasure.


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