Basic Information

Froxhall is a large farming village notable solely for its “Sending Stone” and the community’s proximity to the Sunken City. The village is surrounded by a wooden palisade with three gates (two are on the east-west road while the third connects to a small adjacent fortification adjacent to the village. Situated on a low rise and also surrounded by a wooden fence, this fortified stone house serves as the home and seat of the local reeve.

Population – 150 families
Market – Type V

People of Interest

Colbert – Young and earnest, Colbert is Froxhall’s sole teacher.
Folkhart – Froxhall’s blacksmith, Folkhart also advertises basic weapons and armour repair.
Helmward – The “Stonereeve” and lord of Froxhall, Helmward is reputed to be a mage of considerable talent.
“Old Scaly” – Old Scaly is the proprietor of the Scaleless Snake.

Points of Interest

The Scaleless Snake – This establishment is Froxhall’s sole inn and tavern and is run by a retired adventurer known affectionately by locals as “Old Scaly.” The Scaleless Snake serves traffic between Carlton and Taygle’s End as well as adventurers who use Froxhall as a base from which to explore the Sunken City.
Holy George’s Study – A large but simple stone Makerite study, this study is served by a single teacher, Colbert.
Village Common – The village common is a broad grassy area marked by several old oak trees and two tall stones. Bisected into four quarters by the main east-west road to Carlton and Taygle’s End and a perpendicular secondary road that services several houses and small businesses as well as the reeve’s fortified stone house. In the southwest quarter of the common stands the Sending Stone in the middle of an open circle of bare dry dirt. The Scaleless Snake adjoins this quarter. Across the north-south service road one finds the Proving Stone reaching toward the sky and similarly surrounded by grass withered and grey. On the opposite side of the common from the Scaleless Snake stands the village’s large but simply-appointed Maker’s Study.

Nearby Communities

Carlton – The town of Carlton is a short day’s journey to the east of Froxhall.
Taygle’s End

Nearby Major Features

Aycholt Wood
Bershaw Wood
The Great Marish
Rish Hill
The Sunken City
The Taygle


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