Basic Information

Dwimores is the largest independent domain in the Ghost Marches. Before the Dreaman Conquest, the Geatish kingdom of Dwimores encompassed all the lands between the Hellfor and the Deepwater. Following the Conquest, “Dwimores” became an historical relic, its territories divided up between various Dreaman lords with borders roughly equivalent to those of local eparchies. In the chaos that followed the War of the Wands and the Great Reaving, however, the Marcher Lord of the West Drogo of Hewflore declared the indepdence of his domain and dubbed it “Dwimores.”

Today, Dwimores consists of those lands between the River Hellfor and the Tower Hills, south of the Gastweald, north of Orellfor. Its ruler remains Drogo of Hewflore, Marcher Lord of the West.

Modern Dwimores shares its boundaries with the Makerite Metropolia of Hewflore.

People of Interest

Drogo of Hewflore – Drogo is the Marcher Lord of the West and ruler of Dwimores.
Warren of Speers – Warren is the Metropolitan of Hewflore, the ranking eparch west of the Deepwater.


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