Campaign Rules

Adventurer Creation

Rules.png See the Adventurer Creation sub-section for information on creating adventurers for the Lights in the Darkness campaign.


See the Classes sub-section for a listing of available character classes in Lights in the Darkness as well as campaign-specific changes and clarifications.

Experience Points

Rather than tracking bonus experience points from high prerequisite ability scores per event, bonus experience points are awarded at character generation and immediately after leveling.

For example, a fighter with Strength 13 would begin play with 100 XP. During play, when XP is awarded, the fighter would not gain bonus experience. However, as soon as the fighter reached Level 2, he would receive an additional 100 XP.


See the Henchmen sub-section for information regarding henchmen in the Lights in the Darkness campaign.


Lay on Hands provides a bonus on the Mortal Wounds table equal to 2/3 of the level of the hero using the ability.

Sanitary conditions are not possible in the wild or in dungeons. Bed rest requires sanitary conditions.


See the Magic sub-section for information regarding magic — both arcane and divine — in the Mornlands.


See the Proficiencies sub-section for information regarding proficiencies in the Lights in the Darkness campaign.

(Illustration by Steve Zieser)

Campaign Rules

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