Amongst the Mannish and Dwergar peoples of Mornlands, years consists of 364 days split into twelve months of twenty-eight days and four festivals of seven days each. The moon’s cycle is twenty-eight days in length resulting in it completing thirteen cycles every year. While the phase associated with each day varies by season, it will be the same from year to year.


Festival – Greengrass or Growfest
- First Dawn – first day of the year (Spring Equinox; 21 March)
Month – Harrowtime (28 March through 25 April)
Month – Blossomtime (26 April through 23 May)
Month – Shearing (24 May through 20 June)
- Summer Ember Fast – last Lawday of Shearing

Festival – Midsummer
- Highsun (Summer Solstice; 21 June)
Month – Haying (29 June through 25 July)
Month – Wealsun or Berrytime (26 July through 22 August)
Month – Harvestide or Reaping (23 August through 20 September)
- Autumn Ember Fast – last Lawday of Harvestide

Festival – Richfest – seven days of worship, feasting, and rest
- Thanksgiving (Autumn Equinox; 21 September)
Month – Patchwall or Vinting (28 September through 25 October)
Month – Slaughter (26 October through 22 November)
Month – Sunsebb or Tanning (23 November through 20 December)
- Winter Ember Fast – last Lawday of Sunsebb

Festival – Yulefest
- Longnight (Winter Solstice; 21 December)
Month – Weaving or Fireseek (28 December through 24 January)
Month – Snowmonth (25 January through 21 February)
Month – Ploughing (22 February through 20 March)
- Spring Ember Fast – last Lawday of Ploughing


Oathday – work, pacts signed, oaths sworn; the first Oathday of every month is called that month’s “calends,” and the third Oathday of every month is the “ides”
Heraldsday – work
Fireday – work
Toilday – work
Wealday – work
Lawday (Bloodday amongst pagans) – light work, prayer, and fasting
Makersday (Godsday amongst pagans) – worship and rest

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