Lights in the Darkness

Cultist Showdown in Taglye's End

Sessions 19 to 21

After the cellar was secured and the cultists were littering the ground bleeding, Osric finds some time to write into his journal:
Cowal and his cronies suffered a righteous defeat at our hands today! If the Maker wills it he will survive the journey back to Hewflore for further questioning…
At first t didn’t look too good, The self appointed teacher played it smart and tried to paint himself a humble servant that took up things in his own hands when noticing an empty study here in Taygle’s End. The infirmary and church didnt present us with any obvious signs and while he wasn’t too firm with his prayers he at least was more hospitable then the last time, probably because due to the armed men that were with us this time. I couldn’t find any hints that would reveal his true colors but luckily his fellow cultists weren’t so clever. They attacked my comrades in the tavern after trying to poison them and therefore sealing their own fate. Once I joined up to take a closer look at the Inn we also found a captured merchant (Who turned out to be a member of the frog cult) and an Axiomar named Eirikir before were attacked by Cowal and his goons in full force. Many of the guards, the smith and some other shady looking guys were trying to corner in the cellar while some frog-men abominations tried to rush out of the cavernous parts below.
While I was holding back theses foul beasts with the Makers might my brothers-in-arms butchered the rest of the cultists.
Unfortunately brother Cuthbert lost his arm in the scuffle.
With that done we had some time to explore the hidden parts of the cellar more closely. The only resistance we found were some of these frog abominations that we could keep from attacking us with the Makers might and a giant snake. I still have the feeling that some of the frogs managed to escape but even our elven and dwarven companions couldn’t find any secret hiding places or doors. The most important and terrifying thing we found was the statue of this frog daemon these madmen call their master. It was difficult even looking at it and had a large gem in its head. We lacked any tools to destroy this unholy sanctum so we have to see if we can get any holy water from the monastery or Froxhall.
After all that we were lucky to also capture the wife of the innkeeper. Eirikir sensed none of the infernal hatred that was abundant on the other cultists on her so Zephyros convinced her to cooperate with us. Seems like the cult drags potential members and captives down to some watery cave near the river where the influence of the daemon is strong enough to either posses or kill the new recruits. Maybe it takes a while before the cult can be sure if the newest members loyalty, at least this would explain why the merchant was still bound in one of the rooms of the inn. I really doubt this charade was some sort of ruse to trust him as we would have no reason to find him before we defeated the cultists in the inn.
Or next plan is to get the troops into the town and search the Study for any clues. We have to hurry though, not just because Warden Gee & Deacon Tostig might still be in the cults clutches but also because Lady Osthryd seems to have been captured and brought down to the caverns.



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