A questing Axiomar seeking to forge new forces against oncoming Chaos.


Born Che Amzil
Class/Level: Paladin/1
XP/XP Needed: 93/1,850
PR +5%
Title: Bulwark
Alignment: Lawful


Strength: 14 +1
Intelligence: 14 +1
Wisdom: 13 +1
Dexterity: 7 -1
Constitution: 15 +1
Charisma: 14 +1


HP: 7 Current HP: 6
AC: 6
Attack Throw: 10+
Damage: 1d8+1
Saving Throws
Paralysis/Petrification: 15+
Poison and death: 14+
Blast and Breath: 16+
Staffs & Wands: 16+
Spells: 17+


Military Strategy
Profession (Judge)

Class Abilities

• aura of protection, which gives them a +1 bonus to AC and a +1 bonus on saving throws against attacks made or effects created by evil creatures. The paladin’s aura of protection appears as a golden halo when viewed with detect good, detect magic, or true seeing.
• May wear any armor, may fight with battle axe, flail, lance, mace, morning star, pole arm, spear, sword, two-handed sword, and war hammer. May fight wielding a weapon and shield, wielding a weapon two-handed, or wielding a weapon in each hand. They may use any magic item usable by fighters.
• sanctified bodies completely immune to disease, including magical diseases.
• detect evil (as the spell) up to 60’ away simply by concentrating. Each use takes a turn.
• lay on hands 2hp/lvl, 1/day; self or others

Languages: Geatish, Lissan


Pollax 1d10
GP 3 6sp
Holy symbol
Steel shield with bronze whirls
plate armor
wool tunic and pants
leather belt
low boots
1 week’s iron rations
1lb wax candle
Tinder box
Parchment sheaf in oiled leather bag


Eirikr was once a minor prince, or so his house would style the position, but has been legally dead since he washed up on one of the Isles years ago. He was rescued by a runaway princess, who happened to be another child of Baruch. After being exiled by the Princess’ father, himself of no regard, Eirikr found himself a man without two countries, and an exceptionally long spate of divine luck. He took the obvious route.

Left hand torn off by a zombie in the tunnels beneath Taygle’s End monastery.


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