Lights in the Darkness

The Frog Caverns

Sessions 25 to 30

Upon reaching the town of Carlton the group quickly locates the local Maker’s House to get rid of the curses currently hanging over Osric and Urien in exchange for the destruction of some of the unholy jewelry the group has found.
After that Osric allows himself a short respite while sitting outside of a tavern, enjoying a refreshing watered down ale and watching the townsfolk pass by while writing into his diary.

“We discovered tracks near the tunnel exit leading away from the monastery but we had to rest and recover first. Besides this gives our men a chance to celebrate and me a chance to preach the Makers word. I have to admit that I was surprised about how many attended the mass and some even thanked me afterwards, maybe not all is lost for Taglyes End.

We followed the tracks from hidden tunnel northwards and ended up at Rish Hill with an somewhat hidden entrance into the depth. There we spotted some strange figures in the bushes. We boldly confronted them and they quickly retreated. We couldn’t follow their tracks in the thick underbrush of the hills so we went back to the gaping hole where the footprints of the cultist led us. Its not far from a thorpe called Rishton and I guess we will see if they were not aligned with these vile demon worshipers and on their way to get reinforcements. So far so good but be have to hurry.

The steps leading down into the hole looked treacherous so we tried to advance slowly but our torches gave us away and they were prepared. Vicious incantations assailed our senses while we had troubles getting footage on these slippery steps. Only after our own mages called in ancient warriors we could advance into the cavern where a bloody battle began. Even one of these four armed giant was fighting for the cult but we managed to put him down thanks to a spell and slay him before he could cause any serious damage. We did our best to keep up the pressure as even more emerged from below. I could barely hold the line with these visions visions but thanks to some well placed shots these mages could be kept in check and we barely managed to keep the upper hand after entangling some armored frog monstrosity. We managed to kill most of them in the end but some of them escaped and Boguslaw ended up badly hurt.

We took from from them what we could scavenge but didn’t dare to pursue them deeper into their tunnels. We went back to the Monastery to recover but I left Emyr back to spy on them for before heading back to the monastery as well. I trust that he will bring back vital information’s about the coming and going.

We decided to go to Carlton to get rid of the curses but before we could depart two messengers arrived at our gates. The owner of the large mansion on the other other side of the road apparently wanted to have a chat with us. We not only seemed to share a large amount of caution but also a common goal in the eradication of the cult. The thane Garnier seem to be a seasoned warrior who clashed blades with the cult before but injuries, age and dwindling resources seem to put a dampener on his efforts to oppose the cult. His report of the cults influence dampened my mood considerably though, apparently the Cult spread into other nearby villages already! The only hope now is to strike hard and try to scatter and weaken them by destroying their main sanctuary under the hills before rebuilding a strong presence of our faith in Taygles End to act as a beacon of hope. This should give us some time to hunt down the remnants and drive this perverse frog idolatry deep into the swamp again. This is not something that can be left for others to sort out though, that is something I have to do myself! I have to take over the parish of Taygles End and secure the support of Lady Ostrid for that. We will see if Garnier will show support for that as well but for now he generously gave us some old artifacts for the promise to remove the cult from Taygles End. With them we departed finally to Carlton.

Our next assault ended with more bloodshed then I hoped Urien was slain by the cultistsand poor XXX was crushed b, a huge snake when trying to rescue Emyr who got bitten as well. We foumd fake doors guarded by slime, a storage room, two underground lakes (one with huge but so far peaceful frogs that we could cross with a raft), more cultists, widdig converts and a boy from the next village who was a slave of a cultist mage who has treated him very badly. His name is XXX and he wanted to accompany us to point out the mage when we encounter him. We also found stairs that go further down but ultimately we had to withdraw. I pray that the captives are still alive and well but pressing on might be our doom so we went back to the monastery to recover.


Garnier is the thane who helped you. Rishton is the thorpe atop Rish Hill. Carlton actually has a Maker’s House, one of only two in West March.

The Frog Caverns

Corrected the parts where I was unsure but I couldn’t finish chapter 27 in time…

The Frog Caverns

So, after resting at Carlton for a while, am I right in assuming The Company passed through Rishton, observing the decay and possession there, on the way to the hole they found with treacherous steps, and descended into the ultimate lair of the cult where they found Lady Ostrid, Zelik and the others?

And XXX above is Wilmar?

The Frog Caverns

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