Lights in the Darkness

Oswald hired Taeting as guide through the swamp, offering him standard pay and a share in the treasure if he enters dungeons. Taeting agrees on the condition that he may chose whether to enter dungeons or not.

Afterwards, the group returns to the dungeon under the menhir. Before entering, the group takes time to reconnoitre the island. We find a trail that leads us to a hidden swamp boat, where we discuss what to do with this news. During this discussion, a giant mutant frog (with a human arm on its back) attacks us, but is quickly gutted. While harvesting monster parts, Maurice gets poisoned and suffers nausea, diarrhoea and vertigo. Luckily, the symptoms subside after a short while and, while relieving himself, he also finds some submerged buildings in the water (which we do not further inspect).

The group returns to the camp site from our last expedition and sets up camp. During Zephyros’ and Oswald’s watch, some scouts try to sneak into the camp but are noticed and then flee towards the dungeon. The group remains in place and the rest of the night remains calm.

Next morning, we enter the dungeon anew. The traps (and skeletons) in the first room have been reset, we destroy the first skeleton by bowling a large stone down the stairs, afterwards Maurice and Oswald take care of the remaining. The skeletons look different from last time, mutated humans instead of normal humans. We stash their weapons outside and continue through the secret door.

In the former cauldron room (this time without a cauldron) we are again ambushed: This time by a frog man and a mutant human. There is also one of the small, grey coloured begins (I’ll call them morlocks from now) we fought the last time, but this time it flees and shouts “prepare the defence” in beastmanish. (To our luck, Zephyros understands the language and warns us). Even though Maurice gets wounded, the group manages to cuts down the attackers. We also mercilessly cut down the frog man that tried to escape into the machine room.

We find the door forward jammed, but Maurice easily bashes it open. When we press forward, we figure out that the morlocks did not try to ambush us—they wanted to prevent us from going to the stairs.

After taking a look into the machine room and shortly trying to figure out the origin of a strange jabbering sound at a turn toward the machine room, we descend the stairs. They end in a long shaft with a large metal chain running up and down. Oswald manages to get across, but can only find some very small holes on the other side and nothing else. Neither a stone nor a torch thrown down the shaft reveal any further clues, except for the torch flashing briefly before vanishing in the darkness.

We return upstairs and give the machine room a closer look. We find and pull a lever, which starts some kind of machine. The group splits, half remaining in the machine, the other half checking out the chain. They find something changed, there are not levers where the holes were. Maurice binds himself to the chain and tries pushing them. When he manages to do that, he suddenly vanishes down the shaft. With some luck, he manages to keep his wits and somehow lights a torch, finding himself shortly above two white tunnels.

The rest of the group gathers near the shaft, looking for a way to return Maurice. After some discussion (and yelling up and down the shaft) we learn which lever Maurice pressed and, by pressing the opposite one, return him to our level. This takes some testing. Afterwards, Oswald is bound to the chain and lowered and lifted through the whole shaft. We find that there is no level above us, but just the ceiling with a small hole for the chain, and that there two levels beneath us: The one with two white tunnels about 20 m beneath us and a second one with a lake and a grey tunnel about 40 m beneath us.

After some discussion about how to cut as large a piece from the chain as possible, to sell somewhere else, the group decides trying to enter the lower tunnels through the trap door near the dungeon entrance next time, instead of braving the chain. Thus ends the session.


Another great write-up. Oswald is back to two rerolls.

A few clarifications:

@ The human with the mace was normal in all respects save for an eye tattooed on his forehead.

@ The next level down is at least 40 yards below. The level below that is further yet.

@ The tunnels were all of the same general stonework save for the vertical shaft (basically an improved natural cave. I think the confusion arose from poor enunciation on my part as the tunnels below were wide, not white.

Fun read in any case. Thanks for writing this. I look forward to reading more of these from you and the others.

The Broken Elevator

Oh, as a general note, it may be helpful to include session numbers in the subtitles.

The Broken Elevator

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