Lights in the Darkness

Osric's Journal Entries from Taygle's End

Odds and Ends

I still don’t know why I agreed to help this horse-headed Monstrosity who calls itself “Agapetos”. So it and it’s village were lucky enough to hear the word of the Maker and he even ended up getting rescued by us from these snivelling Widdigmen: He should be eternally grateful but now he somehow expecting that we risk our lives and spend our meager resources to rescue the whole tribe as well! We all have seen what the four armed giants are capable of! We would need a small army and siege weapons to have any chance of annihilating a whole village full of them!
Why have I agreed to help? It was Zephyros idea of course… His ideas and proposals always sound great when he utters them, oh yes, but a day later and I often start to wonder. Luckily his ideas are usually good after all but sometimes I wonder. He sure has a way with words…



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