Lights in the Darkness

Letters to the Patriarch

Part 1

“… and there is barely a faithful soul to be found in these lands where uncaring lords reign while barely giving lip service to the one true church.”
Osric gets up from his desk to take a short break, stretching a bit and walking around in the room. The maker did not create him to read and write all day that was clear to him. Later in the day he wanted to visit the collapsed study with Urien but now he needs to get back to the letter, even if he would rather do some exercises to get the frustration of the whole situation better under control.

Osric continues to write about his travels, the strange well he ended up in, the undead infested dungeon where he met some of his current companions and the horrible tree down in the earth, noting that he has to return one day when when he is strong enough to cleanse that place. He writes about the lord of Froxhall who cares more about his own research then his people and and about Colbert the dutiful cleric of the study there who struggles to keep the faith alive in this forsaken border town. He retells Colberts stories about heathens and disgusting frog cults in the next villages, adding his own observations from visiting Taygles End. “…there we found to our surpises that the study wasn’t abandoned at all! Someone lived there, claiming to be a cleric of the Maker. If he was speaking the truth was hard to say, he certainly wasn’t all to hospitable but the same could be said about the rest of the town. Certain is only that this wasn’t my last visit there and if he turns out to be some heretic or even a cultists in disguise I will make sure that he he gets his well deserved punishment, protection from the local ruler or not.”
Looking at the parchment Osric noted that his writing certainly doesn’t rival that of a monastic scribe but now it was time for a visit at the damaged study. So he quickly got up and fetched Urien who made remarkable progress in studying the teachings of the maker. Osric was certain he was no material for a Warden, a single, well executed punch in the stomach would probably down him for a day or two, but he will make a fine Cleric one day soon.


Poor Urien: it will be a hot minute before he can even take a good sword thrust.

Letters to the Patriarch

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