Lights in the Darkness

Chronicles of Zephyros - Chapter 4

The Trouble with Frogmen

As it turns out it was a good thing we decided not to torch the inn. As we investigated the upstairs we came across a couple prisoners. Eirikr was drugged similar to us in the same inn. As an Axiomar of The Maker, he’s a welcome addition to the company. The other gentleman claimed to be a merchant, but after trying to make his escape and evading our questions, we believe he is associated with the cult. The eyes seem to give it away. We decided to tie him up for now, perhaps he’ll end up being useful later. Anyways, we liberated quite a bit of loot in a few chests scattered across the inn and during our search we uncovered a trap door leading to the basement of the inn. Poor Dudda may need to find another profession, his ability to sniff out traps is in question after tripping two separate traps. Fortunately he is still alive. As for the trap door, I would have hesitated to enter such a place, but considering Osric and his followers met us at the inn, we figured we were strong enough to face whatever might be down there.

We went down a set of stairs into the basement and Orhan noticed footprints leading to a secret door on the far wall. Henryk and Ansger made short work of the door which led us to what appears to be several freshly dug shafts going several directions. The corridors are quite narrow and winding making it difficult to see very far. Henryk led the way to the far left passage and it wasn’t long before we came across the first horror. Three Frogmen were in a small chamber, they behaved almost like zombies. They had human bodies with a frog head. Their fingers ended in sharpened bone points and on their head there were two metallic plugs on either side which writhed in energy. They mouths had hundreds of sharp teeth. They had a furious attack which at one point caught Henryk off guard and seemed to paralyze him. Fortunately Eirikr was able to drag him to safety allowing Ansger to step in front of Osric and dispatch the front Frogman. Osric managed to summon the power of The Maker to keep the two Frogmen from advancing. When in this state they clasped the metallic plugs on either side of their head and howled. Ansger and Eirikr used this opportunity to dispatch the remaining Frogmen. I thought to myself, “Who is responsible for these abominations? Whoever he is, he is far more powerful than us and therefore we must be very careful how much further we venture into this place.”

We decided to retreat back to the secret room before the tunnels and rethink our situation. Plans were made to secure our position by defending the entrance through the basement. Dudda and a few others hid near the stairway into the basement. Meanwhile me and my men would hold up within the secret room itself, while Osric and a few others explored the tunnels. This way we could bar up the tunnels and only have to defend ourselves from one direction at a time or so we thought. As soon as Osric opened the door to the tunnels the prisoner screamed out something to his master giving Orhan just the excuse he needed to fill him with arrows.. Moments later the hatch to the basement opened and men with torches appeared. We were quiet as several of the men descended the staircase and entered the room. I motioned for Henryk and Ansger to charge. They quickly dispatched a couple of the men, but more were filling in behind them. I prepared a spell while I noticed commotion where Osric was entering the tunnels, apparently he had company. I completed the Summon Berserkers spell which allowed us to fill in our ranks within the basement. Similarly, Orhan raised a zombie using the scroll that was discovered recently. It was soon after that we realized that we were facing Cowel and his men. Henryk, Ansger, Eirikr, Boguslaw, Dudda, Cuthbert, the Berserkers and the zombie were cutting the enemy down. However, just as the tide seemed to be going entirely in our favor, Cuthbert met with Cowel only to be blinded by his magic, he then twisted around and was cut down by one of his sergeants. Orhan finished a sleep spell soon after allowing us to finish what they started and prior to that whatever creatures were assaulting Osric retreated back into the tunnels.

Osric’s men treated Cuthbert to the best of their ability, but he would never be the same. We immediately after sent the zombie in pursuit of the creatures in the tunnels, it was the last we would see of him. Moments later we assembled the bersekers with torches and sent them into the tunnel system ahead of Orhan and Eirikr. They came across a large constrictor type snake, that devastated several of our berserkers. Luckily they were able to finish the creature off. As they traveled further down the tunnel system we found evidence of the zombie’s last stand along with a dead giant viper. However, we were unable to locate where the frogmen had retreated to. The only unique object we came across was a large frogman statue that has a precious gem embedded into the head of the creature. Considering Eirikr sensed that it was evil, we must be cautious with what we do with this discovery.



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