Lights in the Darkness

Chronicles of Zephyros - Chapter 2

Rest and Relaxation in Hewflore

It was so relaxing to be able to take up residence in Hewflore for the last month. Xenocrates and I have spent most of the time studying new spells. I could have easily made it two months had I the resources. It would seem we are well prepared for our next adventure. I need to find another apprentice soon, as I have capacity to help another learn the craft. I will keep an eye out for someone that shows promise.

The idea of ridding the pirate menace in the area does appeal to Orhan and I, but that doesn’t appear to be the root cause of the economic decay in the area and perhaps it is best that we don’t help out too much, too fast. That is until we are able to capitalize on the opportunity ourselves. After all with the pirates gone, who has the most to gain? Not us. In order to capitalize on the opportunity we must have our own trade network established and now is a good time to do that with the pirates being in the way. Perhaps we can not only create new trade, but can also collect the bounties. What if these pirates are nothing more then retired traders gone rogue due to the economic decline. I wonder if they will go back to their old ways if given the opportunity to do so? Maybe some of them would be willing to do so for us?

Even though I said some strong words to him, I do feel some obligation to help Osric out on his mission in Taygle’s End. After all, he’s been such a fine and trusted companion and to have the church sweeten the deal by help identifying the purpose of the Rod of Chains, well that was most unexpected. There is something that is curious to me about this cultist phenomenon, how deep does it go? Are we meddling with the affairs of some very powerful people? We best be careful and that word is not in Osric’s vocabulary, it is a good thing I am accompanying him.

Although I am sad to see Guilbert go, it brings a smile to my face to know that he will have a secure future keeping our residence in Hewflore. Looking back on it a lot has changed since our beginnings. Tibalt left some time ago, I wonder what he is up to? Maurice met his fate in the Widdigmen Lair, such a brave lad. And now Oswald is leaving to pursue other interests. Some old friends have returned to seek riches with us including Ansger and Dudda. We also have some fresh faces including Cuthbert, Boguslaw, Fionnbharr and Wilburg, that have decided to join the company. So, all in all, I am excited about our prospects, but I feel we could use a commander for our warriors, with Maurice and Oswald now departed. Perhaps Henryk or Ansger will fill that role in time?

We’ll tomorrow we’ll be on a boat to Taygle’s End, what could possibly go wrong?


“We best be careful and that word is not in Osric’s vocabulary.”

I’m not sure if it’s just Osric!

Your judge too is interested to see how you will fare without a proper fighting man PC in the company. At the moment, it’s all up to Zephyros’ henchmen! Though, with two explorers in your secondary, not to mention a somewhat tougher Orhan now with Precise Shot, the company should still be pretty strong even when spells are exhausted.

Chronicles of Zephyros - Chapter 2

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