Lights in the Darkness

Massacre in the Ratman Stronghold

Sessions 9 & 10

While the company works on the guard detail, Osric sits down to write into a small journal:

After being told to wait for an audience with Big-arm, Maurice started gambling with some of the opossum-folk who guarded the main entrance. Word eventually arrived that the head honcho was willing to speak with us, but only one, our scarred captain, Zephyros, was to be allowed an audience with his rattishness.

After a quick discussion, we disregarded that idea and tried to convince some of the small ones to start a coup d’├ętat. Sadly, the cowardice was stronger and some just decided to run away…

The group decided against idleness and instead chose to press forward, much to the chagrin of Longnose, whose knowledge of what would follow put tears of desperation into his beady little eyes. He proved to be prophetic: the bloodbath that followed will truly be remembered. The snot-nosed little beastmen fell by the dozens under our onslaught as we pressed deeper and deeper into their warren.

Mace, sword and arrow managed to dispatch these sniveling abominations with ease. Maurice especially gave them no quarter as he led the charge against the opossumen with righteousness and valor. Even when we found ourselves separated on different fronts after breaking their resistance in the second large room, he handled the situation remarkably well. These filthy little creatures unleashed a large armadillo in their efforts to turn the battle by brute strength and numbers.

But, they all perished, and we decided to barricade ourselves in to get some rest and treat our wounds, giving me the chance to pen these words. This place here seems to be an old temple of some heathen goddess of fertility. We certainly need to make sure to explore this place more thoroughly. Who knows what else might be buried under the refuse of these ignorant creatures?

Now I should also write about these four-armed giants that Zephyros “convinced” with his his mind tricks to join our cause.

There is no best way to describe these two brutes. For the casual observer,they would be nothing more than four-armed reptilian abominations clad like the barbarians of the mountains, wielding scavenged swords and axes. Yet, after sharing the company of these savage beasts for a few days, watching their behavior and fighting prowess, one is hard-pressed to not be impressed. Their lust for battle is remarkable and their kin seems to be well-known by the widdig-men. Their behavior is crude but proud, and they seem to put great stock in their combat ability.

Not without reason! While their strength is still no match for the likes of Maurice the Muscle, their four arms and size give them a huge advantage in hand-to-hand combat where they seem to enjoy singing what probably amounts to battle hymns while slaughtering the terrified vermin who live in these tunnels. This really makes me wonder if the Maker in all his glory decided to give these savages some resemblance of culture, or if they just mock what they might have seen of mankind in ages past.

Now its time to rest, not to ponder. I would be surprised if these sneaky rat creatures do not try something when they think our guard is down, so I better get some sleep while I can.


Still need to fix some wording and tone in the first part and some errors in general.

Massacre in the Ratman Stronghold

Nevertheless provoked a snort and chuckle as I catch up while riding the bus home after a week in the USA.

Massacre in the Ratman Stronghold

Just did some edits for punctuation, spelling, and minor word choice.

Massacre in the Ratman Stronghold

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